Advertising & Sponsorship


How will you reach 200 Independent Insurance Agents located in Suffolk County?  Why not advertise in our on-line newsletter?

On-Line Newsletter

  • REACH YOUR TARGET: Your ad will be seen in Suffolk Big Eye by personnel in over 200 member agencies in Suffolk County and many other insurance professionals, up to 6 times a year.
  • UPDATED LOOK: Clean and streamline for ease of use. 
  • PAGE TURNING FEATURE: The Suffolk Big Eye is modeled after a traditional magazine. Readers will start with a cover page and work their way through  to the ad directory utilizing a page turning feature.
  • AD PLACEMENT: Readers will “virtually” flip through the magazine just the way they would a paper magazine. Full page ads will be placed between content pages (articles and calendars)  ensuring readers will see these ads. Smaller ads will be placed on article pages.
  • HYPERLINKS: Any ad you place will include your domain name/URL. The ad, when clicked will displayed your respective website.
  • Ads can be supplied in a static format (JPG/PDF). Ads will be used as provided. 

Sponsorship opportunities exist for all our meetings. Throughout the year we have general meetings, a holiday party, a golf outing and an installation dinner. Each event offers different sponsorship opportunities. 


The Benefits of Sponsorship Include:

  • A complimentary Dinner Ticket.
  • You may distribute advertising and promotional material at the tables.
  • Your company will be announced at the podium as one of our sponsors.
  • Your firm’s listing will appear in the “Suffolk Big Eye” Service Directory.
  • Our photographer will try to take a picture of your rep(s) for the next issue of “Suffolk Big Eye”
  • As a sponsor, you may bring door prizes for drawings. (Please call in advance so it is included in the evenings events!)